About Mind OC

Community Coalition to Meet Orange County’s Mental Health Care Challenge

Mind OC was established in 2017 as a California 501C3 non-profit organization to advance the Be Well OC movement on behalf of public and private partners, and for the whole community.

Access to mental health care is one of the most significant challenges in public health in Orange County. In 2017, a group of committed public and private sector leaders, joined by leaders from several venerable hospitals, health systems, and various community and faith-based groups gathered to develop scalable and sustainable solutions.

The coalition established Mind OC to provide the central financial and leadership infrastructure and backbone to develop a community-wide, coordinated ecosystem to support optimal mental health. The result is Be Well OC, a movement to transform the mental health system and ensure that all residents who need care get the right care at the right time and in the right place.

Be Well OC is driven by the collective impact model, which recognizes that complex problems require collaboration from many sectors of the community to provide population-wide outcomes.

With a clearly defined leadership structure and well-defined goals, Mind OC, through the Be Well OC movement, is transforming Orange County’s mental health services delivery into a world-class system of care. Mind OC priorities include:

  • Developing a mental health and wellness infrastructure
  • Optimizing value and transparency in mental health and substance use treatment services
  • Sustaining Be Well OC with public/private partnerships

On January 1, 2023, Mind OC assumed responsibility for the Be Well Orange Campus as the result of a new Management Services Agreement. Prior to January 1, 2023 the Campus was under the responsibility of the County of Orange Health Care Agency.

Providing monthly data from the Orange Campus represents a commitment to transparency to the community and the Mind OC partners.